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Numbers Flash Cards – Printable

Use this colourful flash cards during your teaching and learning process in the classroom. I have incorporated the numbers, number in words, pictures for counting and also simple counting phrases.

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Cursive Writing Worksheets

A simple cursive writing with simple phonetics. It is easy to follow where the pupils could trace the words both in cursive and as well in legible dotted writing.

Right click the images to download.

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Phonics for English Year 2

Flashcard ! Flashcard !  and more

Hi there,

These are the phonics word cards for year 2 pupils. Most of the words are taken from the textbook while a few of  them were add to complete the list.

These babies are printable and you could cut them out and laminate them nicely. So you could use them over and over again.

If you find any mistakes, feel free to add comment or e-mail me.

With these printable phonics you could actually carry a lot of games and activities such as Bang Games, Musical Box and so much more.

There is also blank cards for you to insert your own words. Good luck and hope you enjoy this little gift.