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Rainbow Classroom Theme

Every end of the year I will squeeze out as many ideas as possible to decorate my class and that is the best that I like about being a class teacher. I get a lot ideas from Pinterest…(I love pinning so much)….And these year my classroom theme is rainbow…

Here are a few photos that I managed to snap during the project. However, it is not done yet, so there are many more things to do. I will update this post once the project is completed.

I’ve been hunting the rainbow items from the bookstore to the wedding shops. From online to the sewing store…searching here and there and check out what I managed to collect. Nice right?

Rainbow Cloth Ribbons

Rainbow Glitter Ribbons

Rainbow Pencils

Rainbow Net

Project 1: Rainbow Label
Rainbow Label
(I bought the white vase, green moss, pebbles and join them together with sponge and white glue. Cheap and easy project to hold the label for our reading corner, lunch box corner and discussion corner)

Project 2: Rainbow Name Display
Rainbow Name
(I use paper plate which is cut into cloud shape, colour the line with rainbow tone, and attach the ribbons. So nice to display pupils’ name.)

Project 3: Rainbow Tutu Window Dressing
Rainbow No Sew Window Dressing
( This is a simple no sew window dressing. I use colourful net, tie to a string and voila…*Very refreshing right?*)

Project 4: Rainbow Spiral
Rainbow Paper Plate Spiral
(This is the left over from the cloud name label. I feel reluctant to throw them away so I improvised them and it becomes a very nice Rainbow Spiral…I attach this on the front door to welcome the pupils.)

Project 5: Rainbow Creative Board
Rainbow Creative Board
(I use colourful rainbow papers, label and laminate them for long-term use. Pupil’s Creative Board is used to display pupils work. Simple and nice)

Project 6: Rainbow Information Board
Rainbow Information Board
(Bought 7 pieces of 1 meter rainbow plain jersey fabric, staple to the board and label by subjects. The materials are all related to each subject learn by the pupils.)

Project 7: Rainbow Pennants
Rainbow Pennants
(Made these wonderful patterns and print them on colourful paper. I do laminate them to make them durable and long lasting.)

Project 8: Rainbow Cupcakes & Rainbow Curtain
Rainbow Cupcakes
(Print these cupcakes outline onto A4 size papers, colour, cut and then laminate them. The crayon makes the cupcakes really popup… I love the wording too. And do you notice my rainbow curtain….nice right…)


Ice-cream Cake

Last August I threw my youngest son a simple party for his 3rd birthday. I was a simple party where we threw it at his kindergarten. After some discussion with his teachers, we agreed to make it during tea time, where tea is served together with fried noodles.

I had prepared a birthday banner in advance for the teachers to paste on the wall. As a working mother, birthday cake is not normally a cake. Some times I use pudding, sometimes tart and the list goes on.

For this birthday batch I made an ice-cream cake. It was so simple but yet catches the taste buds of the children. Ice cream cakes are really quite easy to make at home. Though they do take a bit longer than a regular layer cake in terms of prep time, they are not difficult at all to put together. Just make sure to save room in the freezer for the finished cake. And always remember that this isn’t the kind of homemade dessert that you can stick in an airtight container and leave on the counter!

My version of ice-cream cake is a 100% ice-cream, sandwich together with chocolate sauce in between.

Below is simple steps to make ice-cream cake.


2 containers of vanilla ice-cream
Chocolate sauce
A packet of M&Ms


1. Layer A: Place vanilla ice-cream on the counter and set aside to soften. Once soft, spoon into baking pan and smooth with a spatula. Freeze until firm. (You may need to cover the pan with foil to easily remove it.)
2. Layer B : Repeat step 1 for the second layer.
3. Remove pan A from freezer. Pour chocolate sauce onto the ice cream. Freeze until the chocolate sauce sets.
4. Remove layer B from pan. Place it on top of layer A, with chocolate sauce in between. Freeze for 5 minutes.
5. When ready to serve, carefully remove from pan and decorate with M&Ms.

Rainbow Cupcakes

I found baking is such a way to release the tense. I baked this rainbow cupcakes during the weekends and brought them to school for other teachers. I made a normal butter cake recipe and did the twist by dividing the batter into 6 bowls since I found that the indigo and violet is much the same. Each bowl, I dipped a toothpick with different rainbow color and give them a good stir. Then, I put the colored batter into piping bags. Now came the fun part where I piped the batter layer by layer into the cupcake cups.

Bake them to perfection and voila….such a beautiful cupcakes to warm up our hectic Monday.

Rainbow Jelly

Another version of my rainbow jelly…still tastes so yummy and so eye catchy…I am using 12 cups for the mixture…6 cups for coconut milk mixture and another 6 cups for the plain mixture… And below is the recipe:-

Mixture A

3 3/4 cups plain water

3/4 cups sugar

10gm jelly powder

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

7 colours of food colouring

Mixture B

3 3/4 cups plain water

50 gm coconut cream powder

3/4 cups sugar

10gm jelly powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

7 colours of food colouring

1. Bring mixture A to a boil. Divide equally into 6@7 cups

2. Bring mixture B to a boil. Divide equally into 6@7 cups

3. Add food colouring to mixture A. Do the same to mixture B.

4. 1 cup for 1 colour.

5. Then in a deep container, pour mixture layer by layer using a spoon. Let the layer sit cool before pouring another layer..

1. Mixture A red

2. Mixture B red

3. Mixture A orange

4. Mixture B orange

5. Mixture A yellow

6. Mixture B yellow

7. Mixture A green

8. Mixture B green

9. Mixture A blue

10. Mixture B blue

11. Mixture A indigo (I mix blue and purple)

12. Mixture B indigo

13. Mixture A violet

14. Mixture B violet

Chill for 1 hour. Serve cool.