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Rainbow Cupcakes

I found baking is such a way to release the tense. I baked this rainbow cupcakes during the weekends and brought them to school for other teachers. I made a normal butter cake recipe and did the twist by dividing the batter into 6 bowls since I found that the indigo and violet is much the same. Each bowl, I dipped a toothpick with different rainbow color and give them a good stir. Then, I put the colored batter into piping bags. Now came the fun part where I piped the batter layer by layer into the cupcake cups.

Bake them to perfection and voila….such a beautiful cupcakes to warm up our hectic Monday.


Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

This is a keeper in my family. I’ve been baking this cake since forever (or can I say since I found it in the allrecipes)… My children like it, my husband likes it and I receive orders for this yummy cake. My husband said, the cake was not very sweet ( We kind of limiting sugar in our diet)… and what’s more to enjoy….it’s a no failure cake recipe….

Klik here for the recipe