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Chocolate Bouquet for Engagement Gift

I’ve been very busy lately with too many things to do and events to attend. The house chores are unbelievably increase and we have yet to attend a cousin’s engagement ceremony.. For this event, we decided to give a simple yet lovely gift. This is my homemade chocolate bouquet. I use 20 pieces Ferrero Rocher chocolates, variety tissue papers, sticks, silver decor bird and butterflies, silver twigs and a white vase.


Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

This is a keeper in my family. I’ve been baking this cake since forever (or can I say since I found it in the allrecipes)… My children like it, my husband likes it and I receive orders for this yummy cake. My husband said, the cake was not very sweet ( We kind of limiting sugar in our diet)… and what’s more to enjoy….it’s a no failure cake recipe….

Klik here for the recipe