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Too extraordinary and improbable to be believed….

Top 5 Best Kids Clothes Label

Hello there..since this morning, I’ve been making labels for my kids toys. While browsing for some ideas, I came through with a few fantastic printable labels for kids clothing. They are awesome, nice, colourful and practical too. The labels will help the kids to learn to be independent children from early age.


One of the label I found from the net… Very nice and colourful. The writer made these from scratch with a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.



Cute little labels for drawer



  Label for girls… there are more



More labels



Another printable


Labelling is  fun


Labelling The Dish Soap and the Hand Soap

Inspired a few organizing sites, I decided to organize the soap that I use in the kitchen. First I bought two nice soap dispenser from Daiso, transfer the soap into these little dispensers and designed my own simple labels. I printed out onto simili white sticker paper and cut around the edge of the labels.

Before the label

After labelling project… and please notice my regrowing kitchen scrap project too, the mints leaves.

Eyeing another organizing project….

Printable Pantry Labels

Hello lovelies, lately I’ve been busy with a lot of things, of course it normally happens when you have to juggle between work and home matters starting from as early as 4.30 in the morning… (obviously a lot !!!) My laundry in big mess, the kitchen counter was like …eh!!! Where have all the space gone. Really, it’s getting tinier day after day…

After giving a lot of consideration I come with this GIGANTIC ideas, to sort out my kitchen. Organizing it from top to bottom. So I’ve started with sorting out my spices. What I did was recycling all the mason jars. Designing labels was like huh…which one was nicer..this one or that one? And I ended designing like 3 patterns and giving myself trouble, which one to choose. I know they are very basic, but I am quite satisfied with the outcome. So here are some printable pantry label, comes with blanks and with wording. You could actually download them and print them on sticker paper, gloss paper or on a stock card.

On the other hands, I’m still processing my label and finalising them so that I could use them to spice up my mason jar….wish me luck ok….

Fresh Blue Labels ListFresh Red and Black LabelsFresh Red and Black Labels ListFresh Black LabelsFresh Black Labels List

Organizing in the store room

I don’t about you readers, but I love everything when it comes to simple home. My keyword is keep everything organize in a simple and practical way.  Here is how the storeroom looks like. We use two bolt less rack and a few boxes with lids and coasters. All the non-daily needed items are stashed into the boxes accordingly. It cuts our searching time…

Things used here

1. Boltless rack – 2 units

2. Containers –  to sort out the items

3. Nice printed labels and ribbons

4. Boxes

 IMG_20140725_013635 This is the label I design for the containers. Printed onto normal paper, laminated and cut out.IMG_20140725_013704 IMG_20140725_014131


Eyeing another organizing projects

Outer Space Party Printables

Outer Space Blast Off Set

Hi… today I release printable for outer space party theme…included are party topper, menu cards, long label and name card…. there are blanks printable too for your future use. If you happen to like and use any of these printable, kindly link me to your post…..(just to see the outcomes)

name holder
This is actually a name holder where you can type the name below the astronaut trainee

topper earth hour
We have topper earth hour

topper blast off
topper blast off

topper i'm a space explorer
topper i’m a space explorer

topper space project
topper space project

topper outer space
topper outer space

topper mission accomplished
topper mission accomplished

menu blank 2
menu card (blank so that you could add your own menu)

menu blank
another blank menu card

menu freeze-dried snack
menu card freeze dried snack

menu card moon cookies
menu card moon cookies (you could use any cookies with moon image)

menu card planet popcake
menu card planet popcake

thank you card
thank you card for your party favor

and pennants








long label
This long label is practical for your chocolate bar, straw, pencil or water bottle

Finger Paints

Finger paints is a joy to my children. They love the gooey and slimy feel and it does smell good too (with vanilla essence added of course!! ). You can browse the recipe from the internet, but I didn’t use any actually, all you need are flour, water, essence and food colouring… it is fast, safe and fun too

DSCF5693The plain mixture…cooked

DSCF5694Divided into small container and add food colouring

DSCF5696Well…. give a good stir. My helper is doing his job perfectly

DSCF5698Nice and vibrant…they are good to go

DSCF57151….2…. get set …..paint

DSCF5721What a masterpiece…… up for auction

Organizing in the kitchen part 1

This is how I tidy up my kitchen, my way. It is not an easy process but as I organize I manage to keep, throw and give some items which are not being used anymore.

Use these boxes to store things and unpaid bills
The counter top is clear too
Homemade shelf to stack the cups and saucers. Easy to use and to keep.
Just to enlighten my mood

Chocolate Bouquet for Engagement Gift

I’ve been very busy lately with too many things to do and events to attend. The house chores are unbelievably increase and we have yet to attend a cousin’s engagement ceremony.. For this event, we decided to give a simple yet lovely gift. This is my homemade chocolate bouquet. I use 20 pieces Ferrero Rocher chocolates, variety tissue papers, sticks, silver decor bird and butterflies, silver twigs and a white vase.

Shining as it can be

Kitchen is my world at home. Just being there make me feel alive. It may seem too clean but that is how I treat my little kitchen after each cooking. Minimal items on the counter is a key point to make it looks larger and available each and every time.Though some days are rough and chaos…it becomes slightly unmanageable.

Day and night I put my effort to keep this area as minimal as possible. Being minimal means clean and comport. I make sure to keep the sink clean and clear at night and rearrange all the dishes early in the morning though making a clutter free counter top is not an easy task. But I will try my best.

The heart of a home