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Numbers Flash Cards – Printable

Use this colourful flash cards during your teaching and learning process in the classroom. I have incorporated the numbers, number in words, pictures for counting and also simple counting phrases.


Wonder Wall or Parking Lot

Parking Lot. This is not new in our 21st Century Classroom setting. We have a parking lot for the pupils to post questions, reflect their feelings and state their opinion. But as teacher how do you encourage the children to write out their feeling? We use this WONDER WALL to guide teachers and pupils to do reflection before, while or after every lesson. It is a set of questions that guide the children to process their thinking.


PRINT this and attach it to your PARKING LOT.WonderWall

Phonics for English Year 2

Hi there,

These are the phonics word cards for year 2 pupils. Most of the words are taken from the textbook while a few of  them were add to complete the list.

These babies are printable and you could cut them out and laminate them nicely. So you could use them over and over again.


If you find any mistakes, feel free to add comment or e-mail me.

With these printable phonics you could actually carry a lot of games and activities such as Bang Games, Musical Box and so much more.

There is also blank cards for you to insert your own words. Good luck and hope you enjoy this little gift.


Top 5 Best Kids Clothes Label

Hello there..since this morning, I’ve been making labels for my kids toys. While browsing for some ideas, I came through with a few fantastic printable labels for kids clothing. They are awesome, nice, colourful and practical too. The labels will help the kids to learn to be independent children from early age.


One of the label I found from the net… Very nice and colourful. The writer made these from scratch with a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.



Cute little labels for drawer



  Label for girls… there are more



More labels



Another printable


Labelling is  fun

Printable Pantry Labels

Hello lovelies, lately I’ve been busy with a lot of things, of course it normally happens when you have to juggle between work and home matters starting from as early as 4.30 in the morning… (obviously a lot !!!) My laundry in big mess, the kitchen counter was like …eh!!! Where have all the space gone. Really, it’s getting tinier day after day…

After giving a lot of consideration I come with this GIGANTIC ideas, to sort out my kitchen. Organizing it from top to bottom. So I’ve started with sorting out my spices. What I did was recycling all the mason jars. Designing labels was like huh…which one was nicer..this one or that one? And I ended designing like 3 patterns and giving myself trouble, which one to choose. I know they are very basic, but I am quite satisfied with the outcome. So here are some printable pantry label, comes with blanks and with wording. You could actually download them and print them on sticker paper, gloss paper or on a stock card.

On the other hands, I’m still processing my label and finalising them so that I could use them to spice up my mason jar….wish me luck ok….

Fresh Blue Labels ListFresh Red and Black LabelsFresh Red and Black Labels ListFresh Black LabelsFresh Black Labels List

Outer Space Classroom

Another post from me tonight….This is my decoration for my classroom. The theme is Outer Space… we painted the class midnight blue and add skirting for the desks.  Also added a lot of stars too. We have birthday board, attendance board, duty chart, reading conner and a simple library. 

For the birthday conner, I printed out the boy and girl astronauts, coloured and then laminated them (I could recycle these for another year). Then I add big straws to each of the astro boy and girl….add pencil with the pupils’ birthday. The pupils could get the pencil on their birthday….

IMG_20140305_080945 IMG_20140305_080956

This is our Star Helpers @ duty charts…. It is rotatable and could be recycle for another year too….


My reading corner is made from a D.I.Y Japanese table (a contribution from parents)…. we have D.I.Y pennants, a rocket and D.I.Y pompoms too… 

IMG_20140314_134715 IMG_20140314_134842 IMG_20140314_134636

The stars mobile


And finally the attendance chart.. How does these super cute rockets function? The pupils who come everyday to school will get a sticker, 1 sticker for 1 full month … so they could paste it on their rocket… Pupils who collect the most crescents will receive award a the end of the year… 100% attendance…. 

IMG_20140407_092130 IMG_20140407_092137 IMG_20140407_092202 

Actually I still have ongoing project the planets diorama but it is pending for a while… need extra patience ……

Outer Space Party Printables

Outer Space Blast Off Set

Hi… today I release printable for outer space party theme…included are party topper, menu cards, long label and name card…. there are blanks printable too for your future use. If you happen to like and use any of these printable, kindly link me to your post…..(just to see the outcomes)

name holder
This is actually a name holder where you can type the name below the astronaut trainee

topper earth hour
We have topper earth hour

topper blast off
topper blast off

topper i'm a space explorer
topper i’m a space explorer

topper space project
topper space project

topper outer space
topper outer space

topper mission accomplished
topper mission accomplished

menu blank 2
menu card (blank so that you could add your own menu)

menu blank
another blank menu card

menu freeze-dried snack
menu card freeze dried snack

menu card moon cookies
menu card moon cookies (you could use any cookies with moon image)

menu card planet popcake
menu card planet popcake

thank you card
thank you card for your party favor

and pennants








long label
This long label is practical for your chocolate bar, straw, pencil or water bottle