Well not all of these cakes are home-made, some are store bought….I think you can guess from the presentation. I am a beginner in baking, so baking and decorating became a tedious job in the kitchen. Gonna bake more cakes and improve my baking skills…..

1. Magic Cake: Vanilla Cake with colourful candies in the middleDSCF6262

2. Vanilla cake layered with pudding and topped with fruits.Fruit Pudding Cake1 (6)

3. Extreme Moist Chocolate Cake…. I am not good at making the frosting DSC_0020

4. Store bought cakeMy Photo0796

5. Vanilla ice cream cake…100% ice creamCamera 360

6. Another vanilla ice cream cake….DSCF4478

7. Store bought cake from the famous bakeryDSCF4363

8. Store bought cake DSCF1871

9. Swiss roll cake with pudding and fruitsDSCF1981

10. Home made vanilla cake by my sister in law…PhotoSamsung0550

11. Another batch vanilla cakeDSCF3525

12. Vanilla cake…PhotoSamsung1759

13. Sponge cake CSC_0028

14. Store bought…Azfar 4th's Birthday (9)


16. Custom made store bought cake… KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA


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