Outer Space Classroom

Another post from me tonight….This is my decoration for my classroom. The theme is Outer Space… we painted the class midnight blue and add skirting for the desks.  Also added a lot of stars too. We have birthday board, attendance board, duty chart, reading conner and a simple library. 

For the birthday conner, I printed out the boy and girl astronauts, coloured and then laminated them (I could recycle these for another year). Then I add big straws to each of the astro boy and girl….add pencil with the pupils’ birthday. The pupils could get the pencil on their birthday….

IMG_20140305_080945 IMG_20140305_080956

This is our Star Helpers @ duty charts…. It is rotatable and could be recycle for another year too….


My reading corner is made from a D.I.Y Japanese table (a contribution from parents)…. we have D.I.Y pennants, a rocket and D.I.Y pompoms too… 

IMG_20140314_134715 IMG_20140314_134842 IMG_20140314_134636

The stars mobile


And finally the attendance chart.. How does these super cute rockets function? The pupils who come everyday to school will get a sticker, 1 sticker for 1 full month … so they could paste it on their rocket… Pupils who collect the most crescents will receive award a the end of the year… 100% attendance…. 

IMG_20140407_092130 IMG_20140407_092137 IMG_20140407_092202 

Actually I still have ongoing project the planets diorama but it is pending for a while… need extra patience ……


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