Beading for my aunt

This is not a post on baking cooking or anything related to them. This post is about my another hobby which is beading.

I don’t know why but I love all sort of craft though I haven’t acquire some of the skills. My love for beading, sewing and needlecraft is endless. I do beading to add special features to each of the clothes. Not like baking, cooking and reading, beading is done during my free time, with very less housework or books to mark (I am a teacher ok)….Then when I have this job to complete I will spent my time in my favorite craft shop to hunt for beads, pearls, sequins and many more. To have a beautiful beading, we need to choose a high quality of beads and pearls or the looks of the pattern will be very poor and unpleasing. To have a very nice pattern and design, you need to be very patient since they are very small and tiny. But I love them so much and willing to deal with these really tiny items.


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